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Hello and welcome to my site! Long story short, I'm an online GMAT tutor who hopes his lessons will be serious yet enjoyable but most importantly useful in getting that score you desire. That being said, tutors cannot perform miracles - and what you do outside of tutoring hours will probably be crucial when all is said and done. Ready to put in some hard work? Let's do this!



A born-brit who may sound American and with three languages currently to his name (yes, including Japanese), there may just so happen to be a similar profile of a GMAT instructor at a NY-based multinational tutoring company out there :) Always scoring above 700 since 2015 (including most recently on the Online GMAT), he holds a Q50, a V48, and a 6/6 AWA across his valid scores - and absolutely loves teaching this “test within a test” as he sees it.

Please note I'm quite flexible when it comes to scheduling. I am open to 1-week-intensive tutoring requests but even long term tutoring with lessons that are more spaced out. If you have a particular type of schedule you'd like to follow due to work or family commitments etc., do feel free to drop me an email to discuss it. I'm up for a GMAT marathon if you are!




In a sense, you are actually investing in yourself.

Aside from comparing the relatively small cost of tutoring with the cost of

1) multiple wasted MBA applications (at $250 a pop) that may hinge on a certain GMAT score for those dream schools you wish to get into

2) what an MBA is which can run up to $50,000-$70,000

3) all the effort you've spent arranging the financing, references, and your career (and life) around the MBA program start-dates you are targeting

4) potential scholarship money you may yet gain with a higher score (and ironically recoup any tutoring money you may have spent!)

the most valuable thing you may gain from a tutor/coach is TIME.

Would you rather spend a shorter amount of time studying effectively under someone who knows the material well (and what YOU should be focusing on) or spend what may be a much longer period "figuring it all out" by yourself? And perhaps postpone your MBA plans (or go to a safety school) simply because you didn't get the score you wanted the first time round? To be clear, it is absolutely possible to find a path by yourself. A simple litmus test to ask yourself is: Is it worth investing $2000 in myself to make my MBA application and life-track more secure and successful?

Some people may look at tutoring as a running cost similar to that of putting gas into a car (*something you'd like to avoid if possible). If that's your view (which is perfectly fine!) this service is probably not going to "vibe" for you. If you are, however, someone who sees tutoring as an investment (whether it's months of your life you wish to save or scholarships you hope to apply for with a higher GMAT score), you're in the right place.


In a nutshell: Bespoke tutoring from a friendly tutor. What started off as something quite small has successfully grown into a service that is still very flexible, precise, and only getting better. If you are someone who hates memorizing formulas, you'll definitely be interested in some of the "childish" Quant techniques you'll be shown! Of course, there is always the "dude-ify" method (for Verbal) which may turn out be more more enjoyable!


100$ ph (PayPal)



Usually, after a small email from you with a few lines about your GMAT situation (gmatknight@gmailcom), we'll simply arrange a time to have a small, casual call over Skype or Zoom to discuss it further. No worries, we'll probably get things sorted out and regardless of whether it's from the fundamentals (i.e. of a circle or triangle) you wish to learn or an elite score you are looking to achieve on a re-take (and requires looking at your CR approach), we should have a tailored idea/schedule as to how to proceed by the end :)

Session 1 will usually start with us creating a custom study schedule for you to follow (down to the day and including when you will take the Official Mocks). You will start to become a bit familiar with the shared online whiteboard and tools we will be using and have brought a few Official Questions you have trouble with for us to also go over if we have time. (*Sessions will generally be held using video calls over Skype or Zoom. Please note that it is not mandatory for you to use a camera, however).

Session 2 onwards will have us really get into the thick of things. Expect to be taught a lot of concepts and to go through many Official Questions. Depending on the situation, we may go through each topic one by one in order to plug any holes you may have. You may also be expected to bring a certain number of Official Questions for the session that you are having trouble with during your studies outside of lesson hours.

Tip: If you are looking for a complete sand-to-castle Quant or Verbal walkthrough, it might save some time to go ahead and buy the latest Official Guides from before our consult. Please note that there are e-versions available :)

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Hourly Rate: $100ph (paypal)


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