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John, USA -

"I first found Aman on reddit and wrote him an e-mail to get started on my gmat preparation. After using TTP & Magoosh I knew I needed an extra boost via a tutor to help get me across the finish line and clear up any misconceptions I had. Aman was easy to work with, prompt, professional, he had simple and clear methods for me to use on quant & verbal. His creative ways to think about passages and use outside of the box thinking really helped me achieve my score on the GMAT. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a tutor to help you get that score you deserve! 10/10."


Sriyaans, India -

"Gmat verbal can be very difficult to crack if one tends to be very rigid with rules. Aman teaches unique and highly effective methods to solve questions in this section. The time I have spent solving just a few questions with him have added more value and yielded greater results than the weeks I spent trying to learn grammar rules or solve and learn the ‘perfect solutions’ for numerous practice questions. With the amount of time one has to solve tricky verbal questions in the test, developing a smart and efficient mindset to approach and solve questions is key to maximise scores and that’s what precisely what Aman helps you achieve."


Bastien, USA -

"The GMAT is an exam that tests you more on thinking outside the book than knowledge. When I first started studying, I had a hard time thinking in a strategic way. I first found Mr. Aman on GMATclub, after sending him an email and having a brief chat with him on skype we started prepping immediately. Mr. Aman has helped me manage my time strategically as well as giving great tricks to tackle problems as efficiently as possible. He is a great teacher, I highly recommend."


Betseat, USA -

"I did an hour session with Aman after connecting through Previously I used Manhattan Test Prep and GMATCLUB. He identified some of my SC bad habits. I was comfortable with his teaching style & pace. For anyone interested in GMAT tutoring I would recommend"




Close to 10 years in the "MBA world" - A background that covers UK Publishing including reviewing manuscripts and working with a professional author - Someone who enjoys editing, proofreading and helping to craft great essays - hopefully with diet soda (and brownies) nearby!

A born-brit who may sound American and with three languages currently to his name (yes, including Japanese), there may just so happen to be a similar profile of an instructor at a NY-based multinational tutoring company out there :) Someone who enjoys standardized tests and even passed the JLPT N1, I hold a passion for books and writing: Tolkien, Verne, Alcott, Doyle, Austen, etc.




In a sense, you are actually investing in yourself.

Aside from comparing the relatively small total cost of these services with

1) the total cost of all those wasted "$200" applications you may send

2) the total cost of an MBA program itself which can run anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000

3) the amount of effort you've spent arranging the financing, references, and your career (and life) around the program start-dates you are targeting

the most valuable thing you may gain from from these services is TIME, including potential scholarship money that may, ironically, easily recoup any money you may have first spent.


In a nutshell: A bespoke "MBA service" that is friendly, flexible, and collaborative.


- 1-1 Tutoring: $95 per HOUR or $1725 for 20 hours
- MBA Admissions Consulting - $95 per HOUR *40 hours for a first application is advised

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