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How to get better at reading comprehension. What to keep in mind with imply questions on the GMAT.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

When reading RC passages one thing to keep an eye out for is when the passage says something is good or bad or essentially refers to it in some "adjective" manner. So, suppose I talk about two things: Building A and Building B. My first paragraph rattles on about Building A. Its height. Its size. The number of windows. My second paragraph talks about Building B. Its height. Its size. How it has the most windows ever included in a building. How it is in the best location. What is being implied here? That A has fewer windows and it is not in the best location. It may appear simple to see here (in English that is less dense than that on a tough RC), but if you are someone who usually compartmentalizes stuff about one subject to that subject ALONE, you may want to break that box.

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