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How to get better on the GMAT. Think of time management as time currency.

Updated: Jan 30

Time management is something anyone can get "sucked" into mismanaging. Even with strong fundamentals, if you're someone aiming for a high score, you may be more unwilling on the actual day of an exam to cut your losses and move on from a question. "No, no, I have to get this question right. I'll lose my high score! No, no. Ugh. Why is this ruddy question so hard!"

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who also finish sections early.

Finding a balance can be hard, but the main point of this post is that in addition to knowing how to solve questions, knowing how to "use" time effectively can be very helpful, too.

It may help to think of the minutes on the clock as "time-currency". Knowing when to spend them, how much to spend per question, and making sure that you DO spend them may help your approach.

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