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How to get better at Verbal. 5 tips from a GMAT tutor.

Updated: Oct 5

  1. Learn a method that helps you absorb a Reading Comprehension passage (not simply read it).

  2. Learn how to solve Sentence Correction questions in a way which does not expend a lot of mental energy; you don't have to find ALL the errors.

  3. Don't become a prisoner to a single step-wise approach for any of the three sub-sections; if you immediately see an idiom error in a Sentence Correction question go with it.

  4. If the clock annoys you, turn it off. Figure out and jot down some time markers and check yourself to see if you're on schedule.

  5. Be okay with just letting a question go. I get this can be especially hard if you're going for a V40+. Even on my V48, there was a particular Reading Comprehension question that I just couldn't move on from (even though I knew in the moment I should). Eventually I just picked and moved on, but had I continued to stay upon it - even if I DID figure out the correct answer choice - I may have severely harmed my performance on the rest of the exam.

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