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How to score high on the GMAT. Why solving approach is important.

Updated: Jan 1

In addition to learning fundamentals and time management techniques, consider also working on Solving Approach in your prep for Quant AND Verbal going forward. In the same way working on the way you tackle questions in Quant can help you perform more efficiently on the exam (for example, using answer choices to reverse solve questions), consider working on the way you tackle questions/passages on Verbal.

One benefit is that the extra mental energy you save on average per question will help keep you fresher or "crisper" for longer thereby increasing your efficiency/effectiveness - something very helpful over an entire GMAT section (especially if you've just gone through over an hour of Quant).

To be clear, SA won't "make your score" (i.e. if you don't recognize parallelism issues, probably fair to say you're not going to get a great Sentence Correction percentile) but it can be really helpful to boost your score on this reasoning exam. If you are on a budget maybe find a study buddy who is great at the section you aren't. This sort of learning doesn't have to take very long. The Verbal SA offered on the main website, for example, gets done in 3 sessions. Perhaps you may only need someone to tune up your RC game!

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