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What are the GMAT scores of top MBA Schools?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

GMAT Knight really enjoys tutoring students and hearing them get competitive scores. It feels great to help someone go from a V31 to a V40 and get a 740 on a re-take in roughly 30 days or help someone go from 700 to a 760 in about 10.

To be clear, you don’t NEED scores like these to apply to top MBA schools in the M7, T10, or T20 per se. People do get admitted with lower scores. If you are, however, trying to make your application more attractive or you’re looking for something in the way of scholarship, the list below may be worth looking at. If you’ve ever wondered why people spend money on GMAT tutoring, it’s partly because with a high GMAT score you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in the way of scholarships or perhaps even get a full ride. Your odds of simply being admitted increase, too. If you’ve ever seen the NYU Stern Waitlist FAQ, the first thing they pretty much imply you may want to do is “Retake the GMAT or GRE”!

Top MBA GMAT School Averages

Harvard Business School HBS - GMAT Median 730

Stanford Graduate School of Business GSB - GMAT Average 738

Wharton - GMAT Average 733 | GMAT Median 740

MIT Sloan - GMAT Median 730

Kellogg - GMAT Average Mean 727

Chicago Booth - GMAT Average 732 | GMAT Median 740

Columbia - GMAT Average 729

Berkeley Haas - GMAT Average 726 | GMAT Median 730

Dartmouth Tuck School of Business - GMAT Average 724

Yale School of Management SOM - GMAT Median 730

New York NYU Stern - GMAT Average 729

Duke Fuqua School of Business - GMAT Middle 80% 670 - 750

University of Virginia Darden School of Business - GMAT Average 715

Michigan Ross - GMAT Average 722

UCLA Anderson - GMAT Average 714

Cornell Johnson - GMAT Median 710

Texas McCombs - GMAT Average 704

Kenan Flagler - GMAT Average 696

USC Marshall - GMAT Average 716

Foster School of Business - GMAT Average 704

Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business - GMAT Average 691 | GMAT Median 700

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