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How to score high on GMAT Verbal.

Updated: Apr 29

Quick answer:

Fundamentals + Time Management + Solving Approach

GMAT Knight (GK) gets approached for Verbal tutoring quite often. This may partly be because it can become really hard to figure out for a student what more to learn for Verbal at a certain point to improve their score. Does this mean that GMAT Knight cracked some sort of secret to do well on Verbal? Nope. Sure, there are common things that may often be taught but it’s likely there will be at least something different from student to student.

There are, however, some helpful things to generally keep in mind to do well on Verbal. The first is that it’s already a given you should have a strong command of the fundamentals tested on the Verbal section. You should, for example, already fully understand how ASSUMPTION questions work. You should also have a time management method to keep yourself on track. What is NOT spoken about nearly enough is the importance of your APPROACH to Verbal questions. It’s worth remembering that the official title of the section is not English or Verbal, but Verbal Reasoning.

This may sound strange but a significant part of the verbal tutoring GK actually provides does not cover fundamental concepts. It’s more about smarter ways to approach questions, to think about them, to solve them. But this shouldn’t be shocking. After all, you already do this on the Quant section, for example. Haven’t you estimated an answer choice rather than solved it to the exact value? Haven’t you plugged in variables to test an equation? What you did was actually apply REASONING to make your approach more EFFICIENT to select the correct answer choice. The same is true on Verbal. How you may even normally READ a passage can be improved – and it’s something GK usually tutors quite a bit to both native and non-native English speakers alike.

If you notice people trying to improve their Verbal scores that are already pretty decent, one reason might be because doing extra well on Verbal could help boost your TOTAL score. Perhaps you find it easier to get an extra 2 points even at a high range on Verbal compared to a single point on another.

April 2024: A Q85 V85 DI85, for example, will result in a 705, so for anything higher you need one or more of the sections to "pull" the total average above 85. Strange as it may sound, you may find it easier/faster to accomplish this (similar to what was mentioned before) by trying to improve a V86 compared to a Q84 if, for instance, getting to that Quant level has already taken you a lot of time and effort.

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